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Inauguration of Janneke Krooneman

‘Microbiology contributes significantly to green chemistry’

In the transition to a circular, biobased economy, the worlds of chemistry and biotechnology are increasingly…

Pierre Gielen

Hanzehogeschool - KCBBE - DeGrowth Final Brainstorm

‘Casting a stone in the pond’

The earth is squeaking and creaking. Resources are being depleted and with an almost limitless use…

Pierre Gielen

Janneke Krooneman at ZAP Groningen

“We now have a better grip on biology”

PHAs are special biopolymers. Strictly speaking, we may not call them bioplastics, because this material is…

Pierre Gielen

Ingredient Maps

AI speeds up product development in the food industry

Clean label, less salt, fat or palm oil, more vegetable proteins, exotic flavours; the demands we…

Pierre Gielen

Bioreactor The Lighthouse

Algae and weeds: crops of the future

A microbial kitchen garden in every home? Want to start the day with a fresh shake…

Pierre Gielen

Groene chemie

SPRONG consortium on Sustainability of the chemical industry takes off

On 1 December, Hanze University Groningen, NHL Stenden, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences and the University…

Pierre Gielen


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Niels Faber

Niels Faber new professor Biobased Business Valorization

The Research Centre Biobased Economy (RCBBE) of Hanze University Groningen in the Northern Netherlands will have…

Editorial office / Groningen

Ems Dollart Region

New training for biotech talent in the Ems-Dollart Region

Knowledge institutions and companies in the Ems-Dollart Region (EDR) are joining forces in the Biotech Talent…

Editorial office / Groningen

Recession graph and tornado

Brainstorm DeGrowth Will Save The World

The Biobased Economy Knowledge Centre of Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen (The Netherlands) concludes its…

Editorial office / Groningen

Janneke Krooneman at ZAP Groningen

Inauguration of Janneke Krooneman as lecturer Bioconversion and fermentation technology

Dr Janneke Krooneman will be installed as lecturer in Bioconversion and Fermentation Technology at Hanze University…

Editorial office / Groningen

Ingredient Maps

Ingredient Maps finds new ingredients for the food industry using AI

Processes and products in the food industry must be constantly adapted to the latest tastes and…

Editorial office / Groningen

Euroborg Stadium Groningen

R&D Playground about green industry in the Northern Netherlands

On 9 June, the first edition of the new networking event in the Northern Netherlands will…

Editorial office / Groningen


KNCV Symposium 2023

Willem-Alexander Sportcentrum, Groningen

Brainstorm DeGrowth Will Save The World

Hanze University Groningen, Groningen

Inauguration Janneke Krooneman

Energy Barn, Groningen