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The Biobased Economy Knowledge Centre of Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen (The Netherlands) concludes its 'Will Degrowth Save the World' lecture series on 16 February with a brainstorming session on DeGrowth: negative economic growth as an ideal. How to proceed with that?
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Economic growth has been the guiding paradigm of entrepreneurs, economists and politicians for decades. This can no longer be sustained, argues Professor of Biobased Business Valorisation Egbert Dommerholt. Unbridled growth is destroying the earth. How can the turnaround be brought about and what are the consequences for science, business, education, law and society? The Research Centre Biobased Economy has organised four lectures on this subject in recent months. They can still be viewed online:

The closing session will bring together these themes. The aim is to discuss with participants how different parts of society can work together to enable a fair and sustainable economic system. What concrete steps are needed to achieve this?

The brainstorm will be led by Marrit Nijdam, a professional in communication management and change management. She uses creative and collaborative methods to generate ideas.
See the agenda for details.

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