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Today, 10 October, Sustainability Day, the new ZAP Groningen Innovation Hall is officially opened by the Hanze University College Board, Henk Pijlman and the Groningen Deputy Patrick Brouns.
Editorial office / Groningen

The facility provides space for companies to scale up biomass processes developed in the lab to a pilot scale (from grams to kilograms).

In addition to space with sufficient height for installations, the Innovation Hall offers the necessary technical facilities, including compressed air, power flow, gases, etc. The building contains a quality lab with equipment and various meeting rooms. There is also a preparation area next to the hall where rough agricultural material can be pre-treated, reduced and stored for a limited time.

According to Rob van Linschoten, director of ZAP, there is already a lot of interest in the new Innovation Hall. As early as 13 September, BioBTX opened a new pilot plant for the extraction of chemical building blocks from liquid biomass and recycled plastics. ‘Now we are going to focus the acquisition on smaller and shorter projects, in which we can involve lecturers and students more’, says Van Linschoten. The project is co-financed by the Northern Netherlands Association (SNN).

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