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The Chemport Innovation Center (CIC) in Groningen was opened last week by IJzebrand Rijzebol, Member of Groningen's Provincial Executive. The first lessee, ExxFire, has already been welcomed.
Editorial office / Groningen

The Chemport Innovation Center offers ample space for upscaling, innovation, demonstrations and ongoing industrial growth. That makes it an important link in the cycle of industrial start-ups.

This shared facility is especially for scaling up sustainable technologies, that have outgrown lab- and pilot scale. The Chemport Innovation Center is especially for start-ups that contribute to a more sustainable industrial sector.


ExxFire is developing a revolutionary method to fireproof high-value areas using green nitrogen, which is highly innovatively stored pressure-free in solid form in a Cool Gas Generator. “We offer a solution where extinguishing with water might do more damage than the fire itself,” says CEO Harm Botter. Exxfire has developed the technology at the laboratory level at the Zernike Campus over the past few years and is now poised to scale up and make the leap to the market using the facilities in the CIC. The province of Groningen is providing Exxfire with a grant of €50,000 for this purpose.

For more information, see the Chemport Europe website.

Image: ltr. IJzebrand Rijzebol (Province of Groningen), Harm Botter (ExxFire), Johan Visser (initiator Chemport Innovation Center), Cas König (Groningen Seaports)