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On September 23 at 3 p.m. CET, Chemport Connect will organize the first webinar in the run-up to the digital live event on November 17, that will replace the Sustainable Plastics & Materials Expo planned earlier this year.
Editorial office / Emmen

Chemport Europe is the innovative ecosystem for chemicals and materials in the Northern Netherlands. Companies, government and knowledge institutes work together towards a shared ambition: changing the nature of chemistry.

It is the ambition of Chemport Europe to be the first cluster in the Netherlands and perhaps in Europe with zero CO2 emissions and minimum environmental impact. The entire Chemport Europe industry, companies, government and knowledge institutes, work together to close chains. The cohesion between the clusters in Delfzijl and Emmen further enhances that ecosystem. Delfzijl primarily produces “intermediate chemicals”: sustainable building blocks for companies in the Emmen area which focus on the production of fibres and plastics. And this is how the Northern Netherlands is building a cluster that really matters. Not just nationally, but globally.

How Chemport Europe will do that is the central question in this webinar. Errit Bekkering (program manager Chemport Europe), Cas König (CEO Groningen Seaports) and Gerard Nijhoving (CEO Senbis) will discuss how Chemport Europe is working towards this ambition.

What makes Chemport Europe unique? How do the different chemical complementing clusters contribute to the ambitions? And what are the results? As a participant in the webinar you will receive answers to these questions and you will have the opportunity to ask questions live via chat.

See the Chemport Connect website and the agenda for more information and registration.

Image: Chemport Europe