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The Northern Netherlands is making great strides forward in the field of circular polymers. This became clear during the Chemport Connect Live Event at the end of last year.
Editorial office / Emmen

For example, Avantium announced that it will open a 5 ktonnes FDCA flagship plant in Delfzijl in 2023. About a year later, the company also wants to open a flagship plant for bioMEG. This makes the building blocks available for 100% biobased PEF.

CuRe Technology is going to build a 25 ktonne demo plant in Emmen for the recycling of polyester. CuRe Technology “rejuvenates” the PET to prevent deterioration in quality and to remove contaminants.

Tejin Aramid is working on the greening of the world-famous super fiber Twaron. Together with BioBTX and Syncom, it was possible to make 92% of the raw materials biobased.

And Senbis Polymer Innovations announced the establishment of the Chemport Innovation Campus, to be built in Emmen. The organization will make products with companies and knowledge institutions. Ultimately, our own facilities and a research program must also be established.

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Image: Iris Sijbom Photography