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Holland Circular Hotspot and Chemport Europe/Groningen Seaports have agreed on a strategic partnership to strengthen the circular economy through biorefinery, green chemistry and green energy, both within and beyond European borders.
Editorial office / Groningen

The new cooperation builds on a shared vision that promotes the Dutch circular economy approach and solutions internationally. From their respective areas of expertise, the cooperation between Chemport Europe Groningen Seaports and the Holland Circular Hotspot creates connections and a broad network for the green chemistry ecosystem.

As the Dutch frontrunner in sustainable chemistry, Chemport Europe has been actively working to develop an ecosystem that implements green chemistry solutions in the Northern Netherlands region. Therefore, circular polymers and recycling occupy a very prominent position in the playing field, alongside biobased raw materials and CO2 and hydrogen as feedstocks.

Henk Brink, chairman Chemport Europe: “Innovations from the Chemport region offer solutions to the challenges we face worldwide and I am convinced that the cooperation with Holland Circular Hotspot will strengthen our message worldwide.