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The European event for industrial biotechnology EFIB offers innovative start-ups an opportunity to pitch their idea or product to an international audience consisting of companies, academics, SMEs, investors, policymakers, NGOs and media, during a digital live session on October 5.
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More than 20 start-ups are invited by an expert jury to perform an additional presentation during another EFIB program session. Start-ups can also receive three months of coaching through the Start-up Remote Program from 20 October to 15 December 2020 and they can participate in a final EFIB start-up showcase event in January 2021.

Participants are:

  • Arbiom from France makes fish feed from wood
  • Atlast Food Co. from the US, Better Nature and Cellularevolution from the UK all make plant-based meat alternatives
  • BIALTEC from Colombia makes eubiotics for animal feed
  • BIOTREM from Poland creates tableware from wheat bran
  • Chromologics from Denkmark makes natural food colorants
  • evonetix from the UK developed a rapid DNA synthesis platform
  • Galatea Biotech Srl from Italia develops technology for microbial fermentation and biocatalysis
  • Green Rose Chemistry from the UK makes new bio-based solvents.
  • Holiferm from the UK makes biosurfactants
  • Legendairy Foods from Germany develops recombinant milk proteins for food applications
  • LignoPure GmbH makes personal care products with tailored lignin
  • Lignum from South-Korea makes lightweight biocomposites from biorefinery side streams
  • madebymade GmbH from Germany is constructing an industrial insect feeding plant
  • Native Foods GmbH from Germany makes protein-rich snacks from insects
  • nuuwaï from Germany creates vegan leather bags from apple skins
  • Rebel Meat GmbH from develops hybrid meat products
  • Those Vegan Cowboys from The Netherlands makes milk without cows, by fermentation
  • usePAT GmbH from Austria develops ultrasonic technology for sensors and probes in industrial liquids
  • XTREM BIOTECH, SL from Spain makes microbial biopesticides and biostimulants for agriculture

More details can be found on the EFIB website.

EFIB is Europe’s Leading Event on Industrial Biotechnology and the Bioeconomy​, delivered digitally from 5-9 October 2020. See the links below for details.

Image: Life and Times/Shutterstock