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The third session of the Circular Plastics Conference 2021 will take place on 18 March and focus on two subjects: Design for recycling and Sorting and characterization.

The Circular Plastics Conference 2021 is a series of online sessions on creating a circular plastics value chain. Top experts from academia, government and businesses present the latest technological, regulatory and socio-economic developments and outlook. Participants are actively involved to share their expertise and the hurdles they face.

Keynote speakers for the sessions on 18 March will be:

3A – Design for recycling; roles played and impact for each value chain part, moderated by Graham Houlder (Ceflex):

  • Gerald Rebitzer (Director Sustainability – Amcor)
  • Toon van Harmelen (Senior Researcher – TNO)
  • Clemens Pues (Sales Director EPR-Systems International, PreZero)
  • Thor Tummers (External affairs – Unilever)

3B – Progress in sorting and characterization, moderated by Martine Brandsma (NTCP):

  • Martin Bender (HTP Engineering)
  • Dana Mosora (Ceflex)
  • Lucy van Meulen (Unicorp)
  • Ulphard Thoden van Velzen (WUR)

The Circular Plastics Conference 2021 is organized in collaboration with Plastics Europe, TNO and CEFLEX. The next sessions will be on April 8 and 29 and May 20, from 2.30 pm to 5.30 pm.

PhD students or postdoc researchers who want to pitch their research during the conference can submit an abstract for this.

Image: solarseven/Shutterstock