Waste management

Chemical recycling: the holy grail of the circular economy?

Chemical recycling turns waste plastics into renewable raw materials. It is no wonder that the interest…

Pierre Gielen


Indaver Plastics to Chemicals plant

Indaver builds large Plastics2Chemicals plant in Port of Antwerp

Indaver has started construction of a new plant in the Port of Antwerp, Belgium, to recycle…

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Recycled plastic granulate

Chemical Recycling Network launched with 10 frontrunners

The new Chemical Recycling Network, which was founded just before the summer holidays, is off to…

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The Circular Plastics Conference 2021

Top experts on closing cycles

With a presentation on the Dutch and European ambitions to close the plastic cycle, the Circular…

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PET bootles for recycling

New enzyme recycles PET in hours

A bacterial enzyme that depolymerises plastic bottles in hours has been created by scientists from the…

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