Emmen expands testing facility for sustainable plastics

Emmen expands testing facility for sustainable plastics

Over the next three years, Senbis in Emmen, the Netherlands, will be investing €5.5 million through…

Pierre Gielen

Recycling plastics

Northern Netherlands: focus on circular polymers

A world without plastics is inconceivable. Over the past 70 years, synthetic polymers have found their…

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Handshake wirh protective gloves on

Cooperation: the foundation for success

Limburg has always been an outward-looking province, with intensive border traffic. No wonder: no other Dutch…

Pierre Gielen

100% biobased textile not a matter of course

100% biobased textile not a matter of course

Wool, linen, cotton: the textile industry has traditionally used natural materials. And yet precisely this industry…

Pierre Gielen

Cross-border cooperation in biobased materials 8

Cross-border cooperation in biobased materials

Imagine you could get tobacco plants to make elastin-like proteins with the properties of spider silk.…

Pierre Gielen


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Dress made from biobased polyamide

NILIT & BASF create biobased polyamide from waste

Chemical company BASF is collaborating with NILIT®, a producer of polyamide 6.6 for the textile industry,…

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New pilotplant Senbis

Senbis takes new melt-spinning pilot plant in operation

Senbis Polymer Innovations B.V. in Emmen, the Netherlands, has taken a new flexible pilot plant for…

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Model walks with bags through landscape of trash

BioFashionTech seeks partners to close the loop

Start-up BioFashionTech from the Northern Netherlands has developed a novel, scalable biotechnology process to upcycle pre-…

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Color pigments made by bacteria

Fashion colouring with bacteria

Efforts are being made on several fronts to make the textile industry more sustainable, including the…

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Vegan Dress

Vegan Dress made from cocoa beans

Magnum ice cream, iconic fashion designer Iris Van Herpen and model Cindy Bruna showed the very…

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Avantium forms PEF textile community with five companies

Renewable chemical company Avantium has formed the PEF Textile Community with five renowned textile companies. Together…

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