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Chemical company BASF is collaborating with NILIT®, a producer of polyamide 6.6 for the textile industry, reports VNCI. Together, the brands have created a new generation of polyamide produced from renewable (biobased) raw material from organic waste. Spanish fashion brand Zara applies the material in its collection, for dresses.
Editorial office / The Hague

NILIT® combines about 55 per cent adipic acid from biomass and about 45 per cent HMDA (the other component of polyamide 6.6). Adipic acid is traditionally obtained from fossil sources, such as crude oil and natural gas, but BASF produces the adipic acid from renewable raw materials. In this case, this involves fermenting organic waste, such as daily food scraps.

A total of 95 per cent of polyamide is thus partially obtained from renewable sources via the mass balance approach.

Image: Zara