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Magnum ice cream, iconic fashion designer Iris Van Herpen and model Cindy Bruna showed the very first haute couture vegan dress to the world at Paris Fashion Week in early July.
Editorial office / Paris

The dress marks Magnum’s first steps into circular biobased fashion while promoting the ice cream manufacturer’s vegan (dairy-free) range. The dress was designed and made using an intricate 3D design, incorporating sustainable materials that combine the brand’s iconic melting chocolate with Iris’ luxuriously flowing designs. It is also the world’s first haute couture dress made from cocoa bean husks, which have been processed into a fully organic biopolymer material.

The dress features intricate details, including plant-like body embellishments lined with copper, draped and intertwined with upcycled and pleated organza, while other 3D elements are printed using innovative SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) technology.

Magnum ice cream aims to strengthen its long-term commitment to fashion by announcing a proposed collaboration with the University of Leeds (UK). The brand plans to commission a research project with the Leeds Institute of Textiles and Colour (LITAC) at the School of Design. That should look at how Magnum ice cream can bring accessible, sustainable fashion to life by using by-products of its core ingredients.

Image: Magnum/YouTube