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Swedish electric car brand Polestar is the largest partner of the 2022 Global Fashion Summit (Copenhagen 7-8 June 2022). The leading international forum on sustainability in fashion brings together members of the fashion industry, policy makers and stakeholders from different sectors. This year's main theme is "Alliances for a new era", given the urgency of collaboration across industries.
Editorial office / Copenhagen

Polestar is the only car brand involved in this meeting and takes part in order to find new partners for Polestar 0 – the project with the goal of developing a truly carbon-neutral car through an industry-wide approach, without depending on compensation.

Innovation in the textile world is key here, and Polestar believes that the fashion industry is leading the way in this area. The Swedish brand made an open call for cooperation on behalf of the Polestar 0 project earlier this year and wants to get in touch with potential partners in this industry at the Global Fashion Summit.

Lack of imagination

“The biggest obstacle to sustainable innovation is our own lack of imagination – we need to reinvent everything to bring about real change. This starts with cooperation inside and outside our industry,” says Fredrika Klarén, Head of Sustainability at Polestar. “In particular, the sustainable production of textiles and soft interior materials is a huge challenge during the transformation to climate neutrality.”

Together, the fashion and transport industries are responsible for a large proportion of global emissions. The potential for reduction is immense, and even greater if they work together.

Image: Polestar