EV's good for the planet?

Car makers push for solid state batteries

Electric cars are known for their comparatively large carbon footprint. Culprits are the lithium-ion batteries. They…

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Polestar 2 model 2024

‘Car industry not yet on track to meet climate targets’

Passenger cars currently account for 15% of all greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. According to the IPCC,…

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Natural Fibre Yarn

Natural fibres make cars and buses lightweight and safe

Native bast plants such as flax and hemp can make cars and buses more durable and…

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Car brand Polestar partner Global Fashion Summit

Swedish electric car brand Polestar is the largest partner of the 2022 Global Fashion Summit (Copenhagen…

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ADRIA Motorhome

Motorhome parts from recycled polypropylene and newspapers

The CEPLAFIB consortium in Slovenia has succeeded in making first demonstration products from recycled polypropylene and…

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Production line in Fiat factory, Serbia

ECOXY develops reusable and recyclable biocomposites

Promising results have been achieved in the BBI JU project ECOXY that is developing biobased thermoset…

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