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Passenger cars currently account for 15% of all greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. According to the IPCC, greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced by 43% by 2030. That will not be met. The car industry threatens to exceed the limit by 75%.
Editorial office / Gothenburg

This is the outcome of the Pathway Report by international management consulting firm Kearney. Based on open-source data, it examined emissions from the automotive industry on behalf of Polestar and Rivion, manufacturers of electric vehicles.

If no immediate action is taken, the industry will have spent its entire CO2e budget (for 2050) as early as 2035, the researchers conclude. Electrification alone is not enough. The report calls for new forms of cooperation to achieve quick results. This includes collective action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the supply chain and increase the share of renewable energy in the electricity grid.

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