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The CEPLAFIB consortium in Slovenia has succeeded in making first demonstration products from recycled polypropylene and reclaimed fibers from newsprint: spacers that ADRIA Mobil will use in the floors of its motorhomes.
Editorial office / Novo mesto

CEPLAFIB aims on finding cost-effective solutions for polypropylene or HDPE-based recycled materials and pulp fibers that are suitable for thermoforming and injection molding. The goal is to show that products from recycled materials are just as reliable and attractive to consumers as products from ‘virgin’ raw materials, at comparable cost.

The focus is initially on two mass applications: packaging and automotive. The intention is that the project results should also be transferable to other regions (Poland, Germany, Italy) and sectors such as construction and household appliances. According to the consortium, this means that 40% more plastic can be recycled and the associated greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced by 40%.

The parties involved in CEPLAFIB are PCW, OMAPLAST, AITIIP, ECOPULP, TECOS and ADRIA Mobil. The project is supported by the European LIFE grant program.