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Waste management

Chemical recycling: the holy grail of the circular economy?

Chemical recycling turns waste plastics into renewable raw materials. It is no wonder that the interest…

Pierre Gielen


From waste plastics to ‘green’ raw material

The chemical industry of the future will no longer run solely on petroleum, but partly on…

Pierre Gielen

Shell Moerdijk

Pyrolysis is becoming mainstream

While the Southern Netherlands Pyrolysis Testing Ground project is coming to an end, pyrolysis is becoming…

Pierre Gielen

Rob Vasbinder

Green hydrogen from pruning waste and roadside grass

Green hydrogen and biomethane will become indispensable energy carriers in the future carbon-free economy. The Dutch…

Pierre Gielen

Recycling plastics

Northern Netherlands: focus on circular polymers

A world without plastics is inconceivable. Over the past 70 years, synthetic polymers have found their…

Pierre Gielen

‘Measuring, testing and trial runs instead of emotional debate’

‘Measuring, testing and trial runs instead of emotional debate’

Combustion without oxygen. In a nutshell, that is what pyrolysis is all about. Plastic waste enters…

Pierre Gielen


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Future location of chemical recycling plant of Neste en Ravago in North Sea Port, Vlissingen, The Netherlands

Zeeland rolls out red carpet for recycling companies

The Province of Zeeland in The Netherlands is "rolling out the red carpet" for recycling companies,…

Editorial office / Vlissingen

BueAlp pyrolysis plant

Shell to build plant for upgrading pyrolysis oil to bio-naphta

Chemical recycling is the way of the future. Shell alone has the ambition to recycle 1…

Editorial office / Bergen op Zoom

BueAlp pyrolysis plant

Shell en BlueAlp plan to build two pyrolysis plants in The Netherlands

Shell Ventures and BlueAlp Holding are planning to build two pyrolysis plants in the Netherlands, for…

Editorial office / Moerdijk


TerraWatt Biochar develops CO2-negative asphalt

TerraWatt Biochar is going to start a pilot for the production of biochar from biobased raw…

Editorial office / Bergen op Zoom

Pyrolyse olie

Pyrolysis on the rise

Pyrolysis is on the rise, as indicated by the number of initiatives in the South West…

Editorial office / Moerdijk

Pyrolysis is becoming mainstream

Pyrolysis oil: The Netherlands in danger of missing the boat

During the Week of the Circular Economy, it became clear that pyrolysis is increasingly gaining a…

Editorial office / Moerdijk