Recycling plastics

Northern Netherlands: focus on circular polymers

A world without plastics is inconceivable. Over the past 70 years, synthetic polymers have found their…

Pierre Gielen

‘Measuring, testing and trial runs instead of emotional debate’

‘Measuring, testing and trial runs instead of emotional debate’

Combustion without oxygen. In a nutshell, that is what pyrolysis is all about. Plastic waste enters…

Pierre Gielen

Bert van de Beld, Marc Schmitz, Johan ter Harmsel, Jan van Havenbergh and Emmo Meijer on the 5th Biorizon event

‘We need more Biorizons’

“We need more initiatives like Biorizon, if we want to meet our goals of reducing CO2…

Pierre Gielen


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Green Chemistry Campus

TNO Energy Transition joins Biorizon at Green Chemistry Campus

TNO’s Energy Transition Unit (formerly ECN) is joining Shared Research Center Biorizon at the Green Chemistry…

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Old car tyres

Black Bear Carbon to build new factory in Rotterdam

Black Bear Carbon wants to realize its next factory in the Port of Rotterdam, where granulate…

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Crude oil

Webinar: developing a pyrolysis based biorefinery

Greenovate! Europe is organising a webinar on 14 November about fast pyrolysis, a promising technology for…

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Detail of a pyrolysis installation

“Measuring, testing and trial runs”

Recyclers are confronted with more than 250 types of plastics. Often, it concerns packaging that is…

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Setra Group's Kastet sawmill in Gävle, Sweden

BTG-BTL makes Swedish cars run on sawdust

Thanks to a Dutch invention, cars in Sweden will soon be powered by a fuel made…

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Sawmill and sawdust

Finnish company buys 4 pyrolysis plants in the Netherlands

Green Fuel Nordic from Finland will invest € 100 million in Dutch pyrolysis technology that can…

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