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Infinity Recycling, Invest-NL and LyondellBasell are investing nearly €13 million in Pryme nv, an innovative cleantech company based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. In doing so, they are supporting the commercialisation of Pryme's pyrolysis process to convert used plastic into valuable products on an industrial scale.
Editorial office / Rotterdam

Pryme is currently building an chemical recycling plant in Rotterdam, which is expected to go into production later this year, and plans to build a second larger-scale plant in 2025.

Pryme has developed a new cost-effective approach to pyrolysis that can recycle used plastic at a high conversion rate, on an industrial scale and with a lower carbon footprint. With the new capital, Pryme aims to accelerate the roll-out of this technology to help reduce the amount of plastic being incinerated or released into the environment.

For more information, visit Pryme’s website.

Image: Pryme