Rudy Folkersma in ‘Basic Principles of Polymer Technology’

“Exciting programme about sustainable plastics”

Sustainable plastics are becoming increasingly more important in reducing CO2 emissions and environmental pollution. That makes…

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New opportunities for PHA

New opportunities for PHA

The market for polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) is booming. Worldwide there are only a handful of manufacturers who…

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Using bacteria to manufacture bio-concrete

Using bacteria to manufacture bio-concrete

The global production of cement accounts for 8% of CO2 emissions on our planet. This is…

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3D printed bolt

Biodegradable biopolymers for 3D Printing and micro-injection moulding

For more and more fossil plastics, there are green alternatives. For example, 3D printer filaments from…

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ECOinnovations Congress Papenburg

Bio-economy connects the Ems-Dollart Region

‘The bio-economy doesn’t stop at national borders, and neither does climate change.’ That was what Henk…

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Ems Dollart Region

New training for biotech talent in the Ems-Dollart Region

Knowledge institutions and companies in the Ems-Dollart Region (EDR) are joining forces in the Biotech Talent…

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Students in the north get acquainted with circular plastics

NHL Stenden in Emmen and the Hochschule Osnabrück in Lingen have jointly launched a project in…

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New opportunities for PHA

Northern companies launching into the PHA market

The market for PHAs is booming and that offers opportunities for companies in the northern regions…

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Using bacteria to manufacture bio-concrete

Using the power of nature to manufacture bio-concrete

Bioclear earth from Groningen uses the power of nature to manufacture non-structural bio-concrete. Bacteria on a…

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Cattail (Typha)

German-Dutch practical research into biobased building materials

Cattail (Typha) and wood wool comprise the walls of the new biobased modular house that the…

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Face shields made of biodegradable biopolymers

Face shields made of biodegradable biopolymers

3D printing and injection molding with biodegradable biopolymers are innovative techniques that are still under development…

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ECO Innovations from Biomass

Hotel Alte Werft Papenburg, Papenburg