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Bioclear earth from Groningen uses the power of nature to manufacture non-structural bio-concrete. Bacteria on a biobased growth medium provide the cement here. This brings down CO2 emissions considerably.
Editorial office / Groningen

“We mainly focus on applications in the soil, where the structural strength is less important,” says Dick Specht of Bioclear earth. “Think of strengthening dikes or applying a fluid-inhibiting layer under large tank storage installations. Because we inject the bacteria under the tank into the soil, the installation can remain in operation. This does not disrupt the process and is much more attractive financially. “

For the further development of bio-concrete and applications, the company is still looking for partners, both in the Netherlands and in Germany. This is supported by the Interreg VA project Bioeconomy – Green Chemistry, which is carried out by the Ems Dollart Region (EDR).

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Image: Bioclear earth