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BBETC / C3 Campus

Bio Base Europe Training Center now called CO3 Campus

The Zeeland deputy Jo-Annes de Bat has officially opened CO3 Campus. This is the new name…

Editorial office / Terneuzen

ZAP: pivot between education, research and business 1

ZAP links education and research to businesses

ZAP Groningen is not only an upscaling facility, it also plays an important role as a…

Editorial office / Groningen

Using bacteria to manufacture bio-concrete

Using the power of nature to manufacture bio-concrete

Bioclear earth from Groningen uses the power of nature to manufacture non-structural bio-concrete. Bacteria on a…

Editorial office / Groningen

Father and son planting tree

Stora Enso wins BDC Forest Products Innovation Award

Stora Enso was honoured with Biorenewable Deployment Consortium (BDC)’s 2020 Forest Products Innovation Award for the…

Editorial office / Helsinki


“Good time for investments in biobased”

β€œIt is the right time to invest in biobased innovation,” says Michael Brandkamp, general partner of…

Editorial office / Brussels

Stacks of money

Bio-based innovation within the sustainability debate in the finance sector

Sustainable investments have seen a rise in recent years with a growing number of funds to…

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