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The market for PHAs is booming and that offers opportunities for companies in the northern regions of the Netherlands and Germany, where there is plenty of knowledge of circular polymers.
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PHAs are biobased and biodegradable polymers that are made in a completely natural way by microorganisms from residual and waste flows from, for example, organic waste, the paper industry and even sewage sludge. That fits perfectly in a circular economy. There are only a handful of manufacturers worldwide who can supply PHA on an industrial scale. The entire planned production for the coming years has already been reserved or sold out.

That is why a German-Dutch consortium is now launching into this market under the banner of the INTERREG VA project Bioeconomy – Green Chemistry of the Ems-Dollard Region (EDR). “The ambition is to create a ‘cutting edge’ PHA production chain and to promote the region as a PHA center worldwide,” says Cor Kamminga of Ecoras (formerly KNN Advies), who is leading the project.

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