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Sugar is an ideal biofeedstock for green chemicals; it contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions and reduces the use of fossil raw materials. Especially now that DSD/IST Green Chemicals together with ACRRES have developed a very efficient and low energy method to produce bio-ethanol from sugar beet: Betaprocess.
Editorial office / Terneuzen

IST plans to build a demo plant for this purpose in Terneuzen, Zeeland, on the new North Sea Ports industrial estate Axelse Vlakte. The factory will offer plenty of opportunities for collaboration with nearby companies such as Victor Goes Green, Volt H2 and the Sustainable Fuel Plant (SFP), as well as with beet farmers in the area.

Bioethanol can be used directly as biofuel, for example in E10. Higher-grade processing is also possible, as a raw material for chemical building blocks, polymers and amino and organic acids.

In the Route Map of Circular Biobased Delta, the Betaprocess initiative is mentioned as one of the promising projects for achieving CO2 reduction targets in the Delta region. CBBD Chairman Willem Sederel: “Completely new value chains are created, because smart combinations with other players are possible. That is also where part of the innovation lies.”

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