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Hydrogen is seen as a crucial part of the green industry of the future, both as an energy carrier and as a raw material. The Northern Netherlands is taking a big step, with new offshore wind farms, onshore electrolyzers and a huge leap of scale. The Northern business community intends to invest around € 2.8 billion in it in the next ten years.
Editorial office / Groningen

According to Reinder Jacobi, Program Manager of Chemport Europe and member of the Regional Industry Table in the climate debate, there is great enthusiasm for hydrogen in the north. “That is not only due to the presence of natural gas, the extraction of which must be stopped. We also have a number of companies here that are already producing hydrogen, for example in Delfzijl. And we have companies that use hydrogen in chemistry. And companies that do both. So we have experience and expertise in that area. We know how to deal with hydrogen. In addition, the Northern Netherlands is the starting location of the national underground gas infrastructure.”

In the Hydrohub test center in Groningen a number of companies are already working together to scale up hydrogen production technology.

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