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Recyclers are confronted with more than 250 types of plastics. Often, it concerns packaging that is contaminated. It's a challenge to extract valuable fuels and chemical building blocks from this by pyrolysis.
Editorial office / Moerdijk

“It means that you have to test and measure again and again and again.” says Onno Meijerink of Waste4Me, who is one of the early members of the Pyrolysis Testing Ground South-Netherlands.

Waste4Me developed a ‘working approach’ for this. “It describes the entire process in a number of logically constructed work packages. By going through this mainly ‘on paper’, it is possible to prevent unnecessary costs of a relatively expensive practical test if the outcome of one of the earlier steps negative. “

The scope of the process is in line with the goal of the Pyrolysis cluster: delivering a comprehensive business case for pyrolysis. Waste4Me has built the model around it; it can also be used for the other members of the cluster, by filling in their own feedstock flows and installation specifications.

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