CRS Moerdijk

‘The right time for chemical recycling is now’

Will industry in the Netherlands survive? With that question, employers' organisation VNO-NCW sounded the alarm this…

Pierre Gielen

‘Measuring, testing and trial runs instead of emotional debate’

‘Measuring, testing and trial runs instead of emotional debate’

Combustion without oxygen. In a nutshell, that is what pyrolysis is all about. Plastic waste enters…

Pierre Gielen

The search for winning combinations 1

The search for winning combinations

‘At the Pyrolysis testing ground in Moerdijk, we want to test value chains on the basis…

Lucien Joppen


CRS Moerdijk 22-11-22

Chemical recycling requires new value chains

The European industry is having a tough time. The challenges are piling up: high energy and…

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Chemisch recyclen

Chemical Recycling is gaining momentum

Europe wants to be climate-neutral, and for that it is important to fully engage in circularity.…

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Shell Moerdijk

Shell to invest billions in making Chemicals Park Moerdijk more sustainable

Shell Chemicals Park Moerdijk announced plans to become a chemical park with zero net CO2 emissions…

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BueAlp pyrolysis plant

Shell en BlueAlp plan to build two pyrolysis plants in The Netherlands

Shell Ventures and BlueAlp Holding are planning to build two pyrolysis plants in the Netherlands, for…

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Detail of a pyrolysis installation

“Measuring, testing and trial runs”

Recyclers are confronted with more than 250 types of plastics. Often, it concerns packaging that is…

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