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Pyrolysis is on the rise, as indicated by the number of initiatives in the South West Netherlands region. "We have now identified 50 start-ups and projects and mapped them in a technical-economic analysis", says Marcel van Berkel, member of the Pyrolysis Expert Team and the V-team of Circular Biobased Delta.
Editorial office / Moerdijk

This map or ‘opportunity map’ shows that there is a lot of activity. Several initiatives are about to go commercial: Waste4Me and XYCL for instance. They presented themselves during a recent online network meeting of Circular Biobased Delta. The new initiative PyroCHEM Park was also introduced there: the successor to the South Netherlands Pyrolysis Testing Ground in the Port of Moerdijk.

During the meeting, the need emerged for a network to address common interests in the field of pyrolysis (lobbying, LCA support, finance, cooperation in the value chain, uniform raw material flows, regulations & standards, etc.) and more matchmaking events. Parties that are interested, can become members of the Chemical Recycling Network of Circular Biobased Delta.

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Image: Anan Kaewkhammul/Shutterstock