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Chemical recycling is the way of the future. Shell alone has the ambition to recycle 1 million tonnes of plastic waste worldwide by 2025 into a pyrolysis oil that can be converted into bio-naphtha.
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Vincent Baril, president of Shell France explained the plans and challenges during a recent online network meeting of Circular Biobased Delta. He is convinced that the need is there to move quickly to a larger production of bio-naphta from pyrolysis oil, for which the company has signed a contract with technology provider BlueAlp.

“It is also necessary to pay attention to upgrading the product before it can be used in the cracker. This is often still a forgotten step”, he said. “Pyrolysis oil contains impurities. Cleaning and upgrading to a pure product will be necessary at all times.” Shell is developing its own technology for this and will apply it on a large scale in a 50,000 ton upgrade plant, to be built in Singapore next year.

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Image: BlueAlp