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Equinor joins RWE as new partners to Europe’s biggest green hydrogen project, the NortH2-project.
Editorial office / Groningen

This project aims to produce green hydrogen using renewable electricity from offshore wind off the coast of Netherlands of about 4 gigawatts by 2030, and 10+ gigawatts by 2040, kickstarting the hydrogen economy in Northwest Europe.

“The project can be an important part in our efforts to build a competitive position in hydrogen, creating future value and industrial possibilities”, says Equinor CEO, Anders Opedal. “Our aim is to be a net-zero energy company by 2050 and developing a profitable low carbon value chain for hydrogen will be an essential part of our transition to become a broad energy company. Hydrogen will be key to decarbonization and net zero efforts for the energy market, especially in otherwise hard to abate sectors which cannot be served by electricity.”

Feasability study

NortH2 was launched in February 2020, with Shell, Groningen Seaports Gasunie and the province of Groningen. This week, Equinor and RWE joined as new partners to the project, which will complete a feasibility study by 2021, with the aim to start project development activities in the second half of 2021.

NortH2 expands the energy transition agenda for Equinor by adding a significant green hydrogen value chain. This complements already existing renewable and low-carbon world-class projects like Dogger Bank (offshore wind), Northern Lights (CCS) and H2H Saltend (Blue hydrogen).

Image: Øyvind Gravås/Equinor