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Eneco joins the NortH2 consortium as an investment partner. The energy company has chosen this based on its One Planet sustainability strategy. It will join the previous NortH2 members Equinor, RWE, Shell, Gasunie and Groningen Seaports. They are planning to produce large quantities of hydrogen in the Northern Netherlands from 2030 onwards.
Editorial office / Groningen

At the same time, the international chemical group OCI is developing concrete plans to introduce the first integrated green ammonia and methanol value chain in its Dutch factories together with NortH2. OCI wants to buy a quarter of the hydrogen produced then. It shows the serious industrial demand for large-scale green hydrogen. Both joint ventures underline the need to take further steps quickly towards the integrated development of the entire green hydrogen chain.

NortH2’s ambition is to generate 4 GW of electricity from offshore wind farms in 2030, growing to 10 GW in 2040. This renewable electricity will be used in electrolysers to produce green hydrogen.

Image: dragancfm/Shutterstock