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The industry is searching for processes and products that are more sustainable. The same applies to plastics. Green PAC has responded to this development by offering a Masters degree in polymer engineering.

Windesheim and Stenden universities of applied sciences, which are associated with Green PAC, have developed the Masters for chemical technologists or engineers who are working in polymer chemistry. The Masters programme, starting in September 2017, will have two parts: the industrial applications of biopolymers at Stenden and the process of processing sustainable polymers (biopolymers and recycled polymers), the craft of Windesheim.
‘It is not a purely theoretical Masters,’ says Rudy Folkersma. ‘The participants also acquire practical experience in the Plastics laboratories at various locations. They can put this experience to use in positions where they are involved in the design of new plastic blends and the effects of these materials on the product and the production process.’

The Masters in polymer engineering is a two-year programme (two semesters, 40 weeks, study load 20 hours a week). The programme starts in September 2017. Participants conclude the Masters with a research project within their own organisation.