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Rethink Waste Challenge

The human factor: a missing puzzle piece in the transition to a circular and biobased economy

Terms like 'circular economy' and 'biobased products' have nowadays become buzz words, but how far are…

Anna Celli, WUR

ReThink Waste Challenge kickoff

Discussing our zero waste future with student innovators during the ReThink Waste Challenge

The student teams competing in the ReThink Waste Challenge have received essential advice from industry experts.…

Editorial office


Rubber from yeast, activated carbon from plums and insoles from mycelium

The 2022 Bio-based Innovation Student Challenge Europe (BISC-E) Finals were a close call. Student teams competed…

Pierre Gielen

Ducks swimming in duckweed

“Combining science with a business case is a valuable experience”

A leather-like material from wastewater, packing peanuts from bread and cleaning swimming water with duckweed: participants…

Pierre Gielen

LoafFoam, winners BISC-E Belgium 2021

BISC-E stimulates biobased entrepreneurship among students

Some invent grand theoretical concepts, such as cultivating seaweed around offshore wind parks to produce biogas.…

Pierre Gielen

Saveur Syrups

“This competition was our ticket to the business world”

Since the Bio-based Industries Consortium 'adopted' the international student competition BISC-E in 2019, the number of…

Pierre Gielen


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Team BioAroma

French team BioAroma wins BISC-E 2023

AgroParis Tech's Team BioAroma from France has won the first prize in the BISC-E Student Competition…

Editorial office / Brussels

Winners WUR ReThink Waste Challenge 2023

Proteins fermented by fungi win the ReThink Waste Challenge

Team Afterlife won first prize in the WUR ReThink Waste Challenge, with their concept of converting…

Editorial office / Wageningen

Rethink Waste Challenge

Human capital indispensable for scaling up biobased production

Over the past 30 years, WUR has co-developed many new circular products. Many of these are…

Editorial office / Wageningen


First selection WUR ReThink Waste Challenge

The jury of the WUR ReThink Waste Challenge an international student competition organised by Wageningen University…

Editorial office / Wageningen


Sustainable startups compete for AtlasInvest Entrepreneurship Grant

The University Fund Wageningen is awarding the two AtlasInvest Entrepreneurship Grants for the fourth time this…

Editorial office / Wageningen

ReThink Waste kickoff

ReThink Waste challenge 2023 launched

The ReThink Waste challenge is up and running! In Wageningen (Netherlands) last week, 27 student teams…

Editorial office / Wageningen


Upstream Rotterdam 2022

BIRD (podium, club, restaurant), Rotterdam

BISC-E Dutch Final 2019

TiFN, Wageningen