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Ducks swimming in duckweed

“Combining science with a business case is a valuable experience”

A leather-like material from wastewater, packing peanuts from bread and cleaning swimming water with duckweed: participants…

Pierre Gielen

LoafFoam, winners BISC-E Belgium 2021

BISC-E stimulates biobased entrepreneurship among students

Some invent grand theoretical concepts, such as cultivating seaweed around offshore wind parks to produce biogas.…

Pierre Gielen

Saveur Syrups

“This competition was our ticket to the business world”

Since the Bio-based Industries Consortium 'adopted' the international student competition BISC-E in 2019, the number of…

Pierre Gielen

Pretreatment as essential intermediate step

Pretreatment as essential intermediate step

‘We are concentrating at Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo initially on healthy and safe food, including residual…

Lucien Joppen

Master of Biobased Materials: passion and drive 1

Master of Biobased Materials: passion and drive

The first class of the Master of Biobased Materials graduated in mid-July. At the festive ceremony…

Lucien Joppen

Cultus Crop Research goes to Brightlands Greenport

Cultus Crop: all about the new research centre in Venlo

Crop protection is a promising market for more sustainable products. That is the claim of Dinand…

Lucien Joppen


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Rowing upstream

Upstream Festival Rotterdam for students and scale-ups

Upstream is a multi-day festival in Rotterdam, where scale-up founders, investors, students, policy makers and corporates…

Editorial office / Rotterdam

BISC-E Team Waterskins

Dutch students win international BISC-E competition 2021

The Dutch student team WaterSkins from Delft has won first prize in the international final of…

Editorial office / Brussels

LoafFoam, winners BISC-E Belgium 2021

“Link BISC-E competition to industrial activities of BIC members”

The international biobased student competition BISC-E can be linked more strongly to the activities of the…

Editorial office / Brussels

Syrup production

BISC-E 2021 open for participation

The Biobased Innovation Student Challenge Europe (BISC-E) 2021 is open for participation. The challenge aims to…

Editorial office / Brussels

Bitter oranges in Athens

Greek students win BISC-E 2020

Team Citrion from the University of Athens has won the 2020 BISC-E student competition today (October…

Editorial office / Brussels

BISC-E Final winners

Student competition BISC-E: digital kick-off on 15 April

Corona does not stop the student competition BISC-E. On the contrary, the crisis gives students extra…

Editorial office / Wageningen


Upstream Rotterdam 2022

BIRD (podium, club, restaurant), Rotterdam

BISC-E Dutch Final 2019

TiFN, Wageningen