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Teijin Aramid in Delfzijl has joined forces with Clariter to chemically recycle Endumax, an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE). This fibre material is widely used in fishing nets, ropes and air cargo containers, but until now it has been virtually impossible to recycle.
Editorial office / Delfzijl

Successful tests have been conducted at Clariter’s operational pilot plant in Gliwice, Poland, with the conversion of Endumax into a raw material for high-grade applications such as detergents, degreasers, paints and speciality waxes. For some markets, such as fishing nets, this results in full circularity as the wax can be used to re-coat fishing nets.

Clariter is planning to build and operate a full-scale plant in the Netherlands at Chemie Park Delfzijl and is now in the process of obtaining the needed permits. This will be a great asset to the Chemport Europe ecosystem and another big step in creating sustainable chemistry.

As a future-oriented company, Teijin Aramid is constantly looking for sustainable solutions for recycling its end products. For example, the super fiber Twaron has been recycled in its own facilities for more than 20 years.

Image: Clariter/YouTube