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Teijin Aramid is working hard to make its production more sustainable. Last weekend, for example, an XXL transport moved an industrial tank of 600m3 from Hengelo, via Drachten, to the Emmtech business park, Teijin Aramid's production location in Emmen.
Editorial office / Emmen

The installation of the new equipment in Emmen is the final step in a multi-year program aimed at increasing both the production capacity and sustainability of Teijin Aramid’s sites. The company expects to complete the program by mid-2022, when it will have expanded its capacity by 25%.

Teijin Aramid sees an increasing demand for lightweight, strong and durable aramids, as well as more sustainable solutions. CEO Peter ter Horst: “Our goal is to create materials that enable our partners to go beyond performance and realize a sustainable future.”

Image: Teijin Aramid