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Teijin Frontier has developed a PLA variant that biodegrades faster in oceans, rivers and soil, helping to reduce microplastics in the environment. This is possible by adding a new biodegradation accelerator to the biopolymer.
Editorial office / Japan

The addition allows for faster hydrolysis of PLA than is possible with conventional PLA products, without compromising the strength, moldability or other practical properties of the bio-based plastic. The degradation period – between six months and two years – can be adapted to the life span of specific products, such as agricultural and fisheries products. The new PLA resin can be processed and formed in the same way as conventional versions to produce resins, films, injection moulded and extruded products, textiles and non-woven fabrics.

Teijin Frontier is the fibre and product processing business of the Teijin Group. With its so-called THINK ECO® environmental initiative, the company aims to develop greener materials and products for application in various industrial sectors.

The commercial rollout of products based on the new PLA resin will start in 2023. With this, Teijin expects to reach sales of several hundred million Japanese yen within two years.

See Teijin Frontier’s website for more information.

Image: Sansoen Saengsakaorat/Shutterstock