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The first hydrogen-powered vehicles are driving the Dakar Rally this year experimentally. The organisation of the desert race (ASO) wants all teams to meet an ultra-low emission standard by 2026 and to be completely 'green' by 2030.
Editorial office / Paris

The French company Green Corp Konnection (GCK) has already developed a hydrogen-powered car: the Blast 1. Gaussin, another French company, is deploying the first hydrogen-powered truck this year with sponsorship from oil company Aramco.

Gaussin’s truck is equipped with two fuel cells with a capacity of 380 kW. These make it possible for the truck to have an action radius of 800 km with 80 kg of hydrogen. Refuelling takes about 20 minutes. The truck has a new, ultra-light chassis and, according to Gaussin, will serve as a platform for more commercial vehicles that will be presented in the course of 2022. At present, the company already supplies vehicles for container transport at sea ports.

The Dakar Rally, originally held between Paris and Senegal’s capital Dakar, is currently taking place in Saudi Arabia for the second year in a row. The desert rally has been an ideal testing ground for car manufacturers for decades due to its extreme difficulty and demanding nature. The finish of the rally will be on Friday, 14 January.

Image: Gaussin Group