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Stora Enso announced that it will partner with TreeToTextile and set up a demonstration plant at one of its Nordic facilities to support the industrialization of TreeToTextile’s production.
Editorial office / Stockholm

TreeToTextile is a joint venture between H&M group, Inter IKEA group and innovator Lars Stigsson since 2014. It aims to develop new textile fibers in a sustainable way at attractive cost levels.

TreeToTextile’s process takes renewable forest raw material and regenerates the cellulose into a textilefiber. This production process uses less energy and chemicals, allowing for a much more sustainable and cost-efficient process, compared to conventional technologies and fibers.

The technology has been tested in a pilot line in Sweden and is now to be scaled up with the construction of a demonstration plant at one of Stora Enso’s Nordic facilities. Inter IKEA group and H&M group plan to use thefiber in their products, but the aim is that the entire industry should benefit from this sustainable fiber since it can be used in conventional supply chains.

‘Stora Enso produces dissolving pulp for textiles based on renewable and fully traceable wood from sustainably managed forests. It will be exciting to participate in the industrialization of this technology at one of our facilities to meet growing demand,’ says Markus Mannström, EVP of the Stora Enso Biomaterials division.