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Only when consumers experience an emotional bond will they accept biomaterials. It is necessary that they can identify with the materials, the aesthetics and the quality.
Editorial office / Geleen

That is what Jörn Behage, economist and designer of Ekkehart thinks. He works at the Brightlands Innovation Factory in Geleen on his high end interior products for the consumer market, such as desk lamps. These are made from self-reinforced biocomposite; a mono material in which both the matrix and the fibers consist of variants of PLA.

The key to success in such a case, according to Behage, is to ensure that the new biomaterials perform better than what is currently on the market. ‘That was not sufficiently recognized for a long time. It requires thinking around, bringing out other features. If consumers understand that these materials are good and beautiful and therefore suitable to decorate your home, an emotional bond with biomaterials is created, which is largely lacking in other market segments, such as packaging. Then a market pull arises. ‘

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