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Dirk Carrez

BBI JU on track for 2020

11 / 07 / 2017

The European strategy "Innovating for Sustainable Growth: A Bioeconomy for Europe (2012)" calls for a bioeconomy…


Fraunhofer foam products

The comeback of biomaterials: a sustainable solution to conventional plastics

Biobased materials and consumer goods have long been a part of our daily lives. From the…

Dàlia Puig


The undiscovered potential of the ocean

Oceans cover more than 70% of the Earth's surface. They are a source of biodiversity with…

Pierre Gielen

BBI JU: private sector is stepping up

BBI JU: private sector is stepping up

In terms of industrial deployment, Europe has made significant strides in the bio-based economy, according to…

Lucien Joppen

Distinction based on functionality

Distinction based on functionality

A large share of biomedical materials is based on fossil resources and metals, but biobased biomedical…

Lucien Joppen

BBI opens third call

BBI opens third call

The Bio-based Industries (BBI) Joint Undertaking (JU) recently publicized its third call, with room for three…

Lucien Joppen


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Fine Mycelium

MycoWorks to open world’s first commercial-scale Fine Mycelium plant

Biomaterials technology company MycoWorks announced the opening date of the world’s-first commercial-scale Fine Mycelium™ production plant…

Editorial office / Union

Chemical pilot plant

€1.6 Million for scaling up new (nano)biomaterials

The second call for proposals of the European (Horizon 2020) project INN-PRESSME has opened on 2…

Editorial office / Brussels

Mowing road side grass

Optimal use of grass in the circular economy

Cut grass from roadsides and nature reserves is a good usable biocommodity. Commissioned by the Circular…

Editorial office / Mol


Cures for cancer and Parkinson’s will probably come from the ocean

The world's oceans contain a great diversity of life forms that are still little known, but…

Editorial office / Lisbon

Sustainable fashion from the sea

Sustainable fashion from the sea

The clothing industry causes 8% of all CO2 emissions worldwide: more than all aviation and shipping…

Editorial office / Vlissingen

3D printing with hybrid living materials

3D printing with hybrid living materials

Researchers from MIT, Harvard University and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in the US have for the…

Editorial office / Cambridge