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Dirk Carrez

BBI JU on track for 2020

11 / 07 / 2017

The European strategy "Innovating for Sustainable Growth: A Bioeconomy for Europe (2012)" calls for a bioeconomy…

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Colette Alma

VNCI: sustainable growth

04 / 08 / 2016

The Dutch chemical sector is world class, both on a academic and economic level. However, its…


bbd sederel zoetemeyer

Agrofood sector extremely active

Biobased Delta was established in 2011 under the name Agro meets chemistry. Now, four years later,…

Lucien Joppen


Rotterdam at dusk

Shell joins Waste-to-Chemicals consortium Rotterdam

Shell joins the W2C consortium that wants to build a factory in Rotterdam that makes valuable…

Editorial office / Rotterdam

Kaart bioraddinaderijen

Mapping European Biorefineries

Om de Europese biobased activiteiten meer inzichtelijk te maken, heeft het Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC), samen…

Editorial office / Bruxelles

Covestro feedstock…

Covestro: feedstock paramount

The sustainability of feedstocks is very important for a polymer producer such as Covestro. 'Our customers,…

Editorial office / Bergen op Zoom

Ghent Bio-economy…

Ghent Bio-Economy Valley becomes Flanders Biobased Valley

Ghent Bio-Economy Valley continues to support the development of the Flemish biobased economy as Flanders Biobased…

Editorial office / Ghent