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Colette Alma

VNCI: sustainable growth

04 / 08 / 2016

The Dutch chemical sector is world class, both on a academic and economic level. However, its…


Avantium takes full ownership of Synvina

Avantium: markets are getting ready

'The industry, meaning brand owners, and young consumers are getting ready for renewable product concepts. This…

Editorial office / Brussels

bronnen en hergebruik reststromen

Gelderland: first zero waste province in the Netherlands

Gelderland has set the standards high. It aims to be the first zero waste province in…

Editorial office / Netherlands

ibbes groepsfoto 2017

Outsmart the fossil generation!

At June 16th and 17th, Wageningen students organized the first sequential of the International BioBased Economy…

Editorial office / Netherlands

efib yin li

Chinese industrial biotechsector booming

The Chinese industrial biotechsector is set to grow at a 20 per cent rate per annum.…

Editorial office / China

Dinosaur in dessert

Big oil the dinosaur of our time?

For Paul Gilding it is clear that big multinationals, most notably the oil companies, are not…

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