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Royal DSM enters into a strategic partnership with Neste to make biopolymers from chemically recycled plastics and biomass. In this way, DSM and its customers can reduce the ecological footprint of their own products and at the same time accelerate the transition to a circular economy.
Editorial office / Geleen

With this new strategic partnership, DSM Engineering Materials will soon replace several thousand tonnes of fossil raw materials with raw materials made from recycled plastic waste and / or 100% biobased hydrocarbon for the production of its portfolio of high-performance polymers. These polymers are used, for example, in the automotive, electronics and packaging industry.

Neste produces its biobased hydrocarbon products entirely from renewable raw materials, such as waste, residual oils and fats. For the production of raw materials from recycled plastics, Neste focuses on plastics that cannot be mechanically recycled and have historically been incinerated or taken to landfills.


Since the Neste products are drop-ins for fossil raw materials (so they can be replaced one-to-one), they are suitable for use in existing polymer production infrastructures. This allows DSM to manufacture more sustainable polymers with consistently high quality without having to change its existing processes.

All chemically recycled and biobased materials in the value chain have the globally recognized ISCC Plus certification and do not need to be reclassified.

The new strategic partnership underlines the strong commitment of both partners to a circular economy. Together with other players in the value chain, they will meet the growing demand from consumers, society and legislators for sustainable circular solutions.

Full transition

Shruti Singhal, President DSM Engineering Materials: “For years we have been providing tangible evidence of our commitment to sustainability. We plan to reduce our footprint even further and by 2030 we will have made a full transition to biobased and / or recycled alternatives for our existing portfolio. Together with our upstream partner Neste and other value chain partners, we are ready to boost our industry, seize sustainable opportunities and deliver on our mission of “Creating brighter lives for all”. “

Mercedes Alonso, Executive Vice President, Renewable Polymers and Chemicals of Neste: “Neste and DSM are leaders in providing sustainable solutions. Both companies understand the importance of creating a healthier future for our children. Neste is very pleased with this collaboration. Together we can further develop the chemical sector towards a more sustainable, circular economy. It is fantastic to see how DSM can use our 100% biobased and recycled plastic-based products to produce high-quality polymers that have a much smaller ecological footprint. ”

Image: DSM