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Neste has successfully concluded its first series of trial runs processing 800 tons of liquefied waste plastic at its Porvoo refinery in Finland. This equals the amount of waste plastic a small city in the EU generates in a year.
Editorial office / Porvoo

In the course of the trial runs, Neste has been able to upgrade liquefied waste plastic to drop-in solutions for plastic production and develop industrial scale capabilities to upgrade recycled feedstocks.

The output from the trial runs is already finding its way into the polymers cycle as feedstock for new polymer products – with the same properties and the same quality as those based on fossil feedstock, making the feedstock suitable even for food packaging or healthcare applications.

Neste has set itself the goal of processing more than one million tons of plastic waste per year from 2030 onwards. To achieve that goal, the company is advancing chemical recycling to turn plastic waste into a valuable raw material, strengthening circularity.

For the liquefaction of plastic, Neste uses Alterra Energy’s (US) thermochemical liquefaction technology. Together with the Belgian company Ravago, Neste also wants to apply this technology on a large scale in a chemical recycling plant to be built in North Sea Port Vlissingen (Zeeland, The Netherlands).

Image: nevodka/Shutterstock