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Clear-cut field in the forest

Deforestation due to demand for wood?

Will Europe's forests be destroyed by the growing interest in timber construction? No, says Paul van…

Editorial office / Almere

Forest in Europe

European forest growing faster that it is harvested

Despite the increasing use of biomass for energy and materials, Europe’s forests are still steadily growing,…

Editorial office / Brussels

Metsä builds new € 1.6 billion bioproduct mill in Finland

Metsä builds new € 1.6 billion bioproduct mill in Finland

Metsä Fibre, a leading producer of bioproducts, biochemicals and bioenergy has decided to invest EUR 1.6…

Editorial office / Kemi

Sustainable forestry in Estland

“No one in Estonia cuts their forest for bioenergy”

"As a Dutchman who has lived in Estonia for 27 years, I cannot reconcile the alarming…

Editorial office / Tallinn


Research on innovative biobased products from forestry

The BioMonitor project is investigating bio-based products connected to the forest industry and their role in…

Father and son planting tree

Stora Enso wins BDC Forest Products Innovation Award

Stora Enso was honoured with Biorenewable Deployment Consortium (BDC)’s 2020 Forest Products Innovation Award for the…

Editorial office / Helsinki