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ESA's Biomass satellite

ESA ‘Biomass’ satellite will monitor the earth’s forests

European space agency ESA will monitor forests from space with the new Biomass satellite.

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New Zealand forest

‘More local wood processing and more biofuel needed’

The New Zealand government presented a draft roadmap this week for transforming the country's forestry sector.…

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Forest in Finland birdseye view

Will firewood from European forests help us through the winter?

Europe has an enormous amount of wood in its forests: 6 billion m3 at present. This…

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Clear-cut field in the forest

Deforestation due to demand for wood?

Will Europe's forests be destroyed by the growing interest in timber construction? No, says Paul van…

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Forest in Europe

European forest growing faster that it is harvested

Despite the increasing use of biomass for energy and materials, Europe’s forests are still steadily growing,…

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Metsä builds new € 1.6 billion bioproduct mill in Finland

Metsä builds new € 1.6 billion bioproduct mill in Finland

Metsä Fibre, a leading producer of bioproducts, biochemicals and bioenergy has decided to invest EUR 1.6…

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