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The New Zealand government presented a draft roadmap this week for transforming the country's forestry sector. For example, according to the Minister of Forestry, more trees should be processed locally and more investment should be made in a wood-based biofuel.
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“This roadmap will lead to a future where tall buildings are built with engineered wood, where our planes, trains and boats are powered by fuel derived from wood, and where a range of products, such as medicines, are also produced from our forests,” Forestry Minister Stuart Nash said on the website of radio station RNZ.

According to the minister, increasing New Zealand’s onshore wood processing capacity and investing in the domestic woody biomass industry will stimulate sector growth, create jobs and reduce emissions across the economy. The New Zealand Forest Owners Association welcomes the plan.

For more information visit the RNZ website.

Image: Filip Fuxa/Shutterstock