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On Singapore Airlines’ (SIA) 70th anniversary, the carrier operated its first flight on sustainable biofuel. The morning flight departed from San Francisco Airport on May 1st and arrived in Singapore the next day. SIA partnered with the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) to enable this initiative of 12 biofuel flights with an Airbus A350-900, the airlines’ newest fuel-efficient aircraft.
Editorial office / Singapore

“Following our longstanding relationship with Singapore Airlines (SIA), we’re excited to see that they’re now taking off with their first sustainable flights. We’re proud to work together on this great initiative with our partners CAO, Epic Fuels and AltAir and look forward to further build our joint expertise. For the long term, we’re committed to work together with SIA to develop a regional supply chain for sustainable aviation fuel in Singapore,” says Maarten van Dijk, CEO SkyNRG.

Over a three-month period, flight SQ31 will be powered by a blend of sustainable biofuel and conventional jet fuel. The fuel is produced by AltAir Fuels from used cooking oil and supplied by SkyNRG in close cooperation with North American Fuel Corporation (NAFCO), a wholly owned subsidiary of China Aviation Oil (Singapore) Corporation Ltd (CAO), and EPIC Fuels. The flights are aimed to raise awareness for biofuels in Singapore and provide experience on the logistics and performance of biofuel to industry stakeholders. In the long run, the parties hope to push for the adoption of regular sustainable aviation biofuel usage in the country.

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