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Airbus zero emission aircraft engine

Airbus is working on zero-emission aircraft engines

Flying with zero emissions? By 2035 it will be possible, according to Airbus. The company revealed…

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100% Sustainable jet fuel solution to aviation emissions

Neste and Airbus will jointly promote the use of sustainable aviation fuel ('SAF') within the aviation…

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Renewable jet fuel from agricultural residues

The European HIGFLY project will develop a new generation of technologies for producing advanced renewable jet…

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Airplane wing

Flying on waste wood and tomato stems

The aviation sector is under fire: CO2 emissions must be sharply reduced. One of the ways…

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HAPPS vliegtuig op groene waterstof

World’s first green hydrogen-powered plane ‘made in Holland’

The Dutch consortium HAPSS wants to build a commercial passenger aircraft that uses liquid green hydrogen…

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Wing tip of KLM jet

First passenger flight with synthetic kerosene from CO2

In the Netherlands, KLM operated a passenger flight for the first time in the world, with…

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