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Renewable gases such as hydrogen, biogas and biomethane offer a solution for the energy transition. They are clean, have a high energy density and are relatively easy to distribute via existing infrastructure. However, large-scale production, standardization and use of renewable gases in all corners of society is a task for which international cooperation is indispensable.
Editorial office / Alkmaar

That is why the Interreg North Sea Region Project Northern Connections, Energy Valley, the Development Company NHN and the Enterprise Europe Network are organizing the Fueling the Future with Renewable Gases matchmaking event on 12 September. It offers participants the opportunity to make contacts and set up new international partnerships in areas such as hydrogen, fuel cells, electrolysis, gasification, smart grids, innovative mobility solutions, gas compression and energy storage.

Living Labs

In addition, the results of two concrete Dutch Living Labs projects are presented, in Hoogeveen and Alkmaar. In Hoogeveen the goal is to develop a (techno-economic) blueprint and associated technologies for the heat supply of 80 houses in Nijstad-Oost with a 100% hydrogen-fired central heating boiler. This demonstration project serves as a pilot and accelerator for the application of hydrogen in the built environment. Experiences are used to work on retrofit hydrogen central heating boilers for existing residential areas that need to get rid of natural gas.

The Living Lab Alkmaar focuses on multiple challenges. InVesta, an expertise center for biomass and gasification technology, is working on sustainable and innovative initiatives for renewable syngas. The company HYGRO will put the first hydrogen wind turbine into operation in the world in 2020 and is therefore looking for parties that can supply the necessary equipment and can liquefy hydrogen cheaply with small-scale liquefaction plants. In liquid form, the energy density of hydrogen is very high, which makes it very suitable as a transport fuel for trucks and ships.

Company visit

The day after the matchmaking event, participants can pay a company visit to ECN part or TNO in Petten, where the first Dutch hydrogen electrolyzer of 50kW will be taken into use. More information about Fueling the Future with Renewable Gases can be found on the event website and in the agenda.