Rob Vasbinder

Green hydrogen from pruning waste and roadside grass

Green hydrogen and biomethane will become indispensable energy carriers in the future carbon-free economy. The Dutch…

Pierre Gielen


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Electric Vehicle

European Commission puts one-sided emphasis on electric mobility

The European Commission places too one-sided an emphasis on electric transport at the expense of renewable…

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Gasunie natural gas field in Groningen

Gasunie accelerates investments for energy transition

Gasunie will invest € 7 billion between 2021 and 2030 to adapt its infrastructure to a…

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Gas pipes

Microorganisms make natural gas from CO2 from the air

CO2 from the air around us can be a raw material that microorganisms can convert into…

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Truck exhaust pipe

LNG and biomethane trucks up to 5 times more polluting than diesel

Trucks with a liquefied natural gas (LNG) engine pollute the air up to five times more…

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Operator at a gas pipe

Renewable gases are posing international challenges

Renewable gases such as hydrogen, biogas and biomethane offer a solution for the energy transition. They…

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Biogas plant in rural landscape

Biogas use shifting from electricity to biomethane production

The number of biomethane plants in Europe is growing quickly. Both existing and new anaerobic digestion…

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